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Who Uses Our Service:

  • Individuals who have a loved ones ashes now.
  • Persons who want a green funeral.
  • Families of persons who have indicated this is their last wish.
  • Individuals who want to plan their own Final Cruise.
  • Travel Agents who are arranging a celebration at sea for their clients.
  • Funeral homes.
  • Govering agencies monitor our map to verify compliance.

When you purchase an urn from us, our  administration is FREE. Our administration is simplified into a policy checklist/permit that gives you peace of mind.

On January 1st. 2013, laws governing what can be put in the ocean from Cruise Ships have become very strict.

Any item going into the ocean has to be reported. Cruise Ships can fined for not reporting.

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Free Administration to Spread Ashes at Sea

Permanent Virtual Obituary:

Planning Your Own Final Cruise:


By planning ahead you can include information your family may need to carry out your final wishes and have your urn placed at sea with My Final Cruise. Including your final wishes in your last will and testament may enable funds to be released for this process earlier in the closure of your estate and will ensure that the arrangements and financial decisions are easier for those you are leaving behind.


ur world map will record and display the final resting place at sea.

In addition to the longitude and latitude you may add photos, a memorial and even a short video to share with others.

Our map is public, government agencies can verify by viewing the map the exact location...


he ocean is a place of peace, tranquility and eternal beauty; these emotions and many more make the sea the perfect resting place. Although this final wish may be seemingly simple, it can be complicated when taking into consideration the need to comply with the environmental legislation which protects our oceans.

Getting Started, What You Need:


he first step is to contact us directly or have your travel agent or family member contact us.

You will need a booked cruise, a biodegradable urn and for your peace of mind our policy document/permit.

Purchasing an urn or our administration service will initiate our document/permit. We will do all mandatory reporting on your...

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